Implant Dentistry in White Plains, NY

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

When you lose teeth, it has a significant impact on your oral health and well-being. Aside from damaging your smile, missing teeth also affect your ability to speak and eat. Your teeth also work to stimulate your supporting bone and keep it strong and healthy so that your teeth have a stable foundation. When you lose teeth, the supporting bone can weaken and gradually deteriorate, causing your remaining teeth to become unstable. Replacing your missing teeth prevents these problems and keeps your smile beautiful and your mouth healthy. Dental implants are considered the ideal tooth replacement option as they replace both the root and crown of the tooth to promote your immediate and long-term oral health.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth. They consist of two main parts, an implant post and an implant restoration. The implant post is surgically placed into your jawbone to replace your tooth root and integrates with your jawbone to provide a stable foundation and help keep the supporting bone in that area healthy and strong. The implant restoration replaces the crown of the missing tooth. Depending on how many teeth you have lost, this restoration may consist of a single crown, a dental bridge, or a complete or partial denture.

Anyone who has lost a tooth is a candidate for implant dentistry. However, if you have a pre-existing dental condition, such as periodontal disease or tooth decay, or if you need a bone graft prior to your implant placement, you will need to receive treatment for those issues before our dentists can provide you with an implant.

Dental implants are designed to be permanent replacements for your missing tooth or teeth. When properly cared for with good oral hygiene and regular preventive care at our office they can last for a lifetime. Please remember that while the implant itself will remain anchored in your mouth, the restoration may occasionally need to be replaced if it breaks or wears out.

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Recovering from Implant Placement

After your implant is placed there will be a period of healing while your implant post integrates into the bone. We will provide instruction on how to care for your implant and mouth during this healing period. Please follow all instructions, as it will help you heal properly and regain your oral health.

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Total Treatment Time

Your total treatment time will depend on the health of your mouth. In some cases, it may require several months to complete your implant treatment. In other cases, your treatment may be completed in six weeks. There are also cases where an implant can be placed at the same time as tooth extraction. Our dentists will provide you with an estimate of your total treatment time and your treatment cost during your initial consultation.

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A Team Effort

Your dental implant treatment is a team effort between our dentist and periodontist. Your implant placement procedure will be performed by our periodontist, Dr. Asha Gulati. After you have recovered our dentist, Dr. Lisha Shrestha, will work with you to create a custom restoration to complete your treatment and fully restore your smile.

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